The best of an Italian Autumn

The best of an Italian Autumn (demonstration class) Autumn heralds new ingredients to cook with and where better to find inspiration but in the Italian kitchen. The added bonus with ...

Get ready for Christmas

Get ready for Christmas (demonstration class) Each year I am always looking for new ways to treat our traditional Christmas fare. We also want to preserve the integrity of much ...

Men in the Kitchen

Men in the kitchen (practical class) Cook a three course meal, learning along the way some vital cooking techniques. Lunch is enjoyed in the dinning room before returning to the ...


Local Suppliers Herefordshire is blessed with many great sources of local and quality seasonal foods. After all this is the county that gave the world Herefordshire beef and Ryeland lamb. ...


With over 100 seasonal recipes this full colour cookbook lets you into the secrets of making seasonal food special. Order online!


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About Victoria

After training at the Cordon Bleu in London she has cooked professionally all over Britain, Italy, America, and back in her native Australia.

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Learn to cook like a Gascon in France – a short cooking holiday

Following the success of several Italian cooking weeks, Cooking with Class is now proposing a short residential course in mid September 2015 at Aubiet in the Gers, South West France. An area that I have known for many years the 4 day/5 night course at our Gascony farmhouse will be limited to 6 students. Including […]

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Christmas, home or away…with pear terrine

Everyone at least once in their life wants the chance to break their usual Christmas routine. Some families have such strong personalities, like mine that this can be almost impossible. It is a tussle of wills to keep things the way they always have been. Yearly disappointments include wishing you could hold Xmas at your […]

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Portugese cooking in Madeira

 If you are a gardener like me you can’t help being captivated by Madeira where there are 3 climatic zones as you ascend from the ocean to the island’s high ground. Very fertile soil and abundant rain make the largely imported plants from all around the world  grow like crazy. Everywhere one is surrounded by […]

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What do you do on holidays when….

What do you do on holiday in France when one of your adult children is a  pastry chef and the other an equally keen apprentice, albeit an amateur one? Well you are taught how to make croissants of course. My son went to the local bakery, a good one and bought some fresh yeast in […]

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Ice-cream in London

I was walking around the newly developed area behind King’s Cross station one sunny afternoon and marveling that what was once an ugly and industrial wasteland has now been saved and regenerated into a great public space, when I made a surprising (to me) culinary discovery. Old warehouses have been turned into theatre spaces, a […]

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Puddings in the English countryside

For a birthday treat surrounded by family which included some tall thin and hungry 20 somethings I was taken to the countryside to indulge in the best of English puddings…It wasn’t the first time, I’d been to the Pudding Club in Mickleton a golden Cotswold village clothed in hollyhocks and roses. But we hadn’t been […]

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A Pocket Feast Paris

Frances Leech, my clever daughter ( no bias here!) who is a pastry chef in Paris, (probably no surprise here either for Cooking with Class followers) has with her friend and collaborator, Florence Beck written a lovely little foodie’s guide to Paris. A hand made and illustrated book just the right size for your pocket has […]

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Moving house – Cooking with Class is now in London

  It appears to me that bright sunny wintery days are becoming more frequent, definitely a plus point for me, who despite 28 years in the UK still adapts badly to the English winter. These last few weeks have been the best for beautiful autumnal scenes in London’s parks and gardens. No doubt too Hereford […]

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Summer pudding with pesto? (bill’s pesto puddings)

As summer ebbs away,  you may still find that there is still an abundance of courgettes and tomatoes in the garden and if you are lucky basil. Even if you don’t have a vegetable garden, someone is bound to press a few spare courgettes (zuccinis  for Aussies & Italians) onto you. These are the flavours that I certainly associate with […]

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A summer of peaches and soft fruit (peches de vigne au vin doux)

This is the best time of year, when the sun is shining and the soft fruits are ripening. For me the perfect summer in England is a garden full of red and black currants which has been preceeded by loganberries and strawberries. My perfect summer in France on the other hand is one where the […]

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